Anong Balita ?

Good afternoon and happy new year. We at kababayan MEDIA would like to try something new with this blog patterned after a newsletter, it’s the ‘Balitang Kutsero New York’ Filipino community newsletter.

Here it goes, let us know what you think. Thanks.

Maraming Salamat.

So here is what you need to know, or not.

The Filipino catholic community is celebrating the feast of the Holy Black Nazarene, pictured above, last Sunday in the Village at the Our Lady of Pompeii Church.

Another Celebration is scheduled tonight, see details from the flyer below.


Consulate Saturdays 2019. An announcement from our friends at the Philippine Consulate General New York. Flyer below.


And from our friends at the Philippine American Friendship Community. PAFCOM Turnover Ceremony tonight, Wednesday January 9, 2019, 7PM at University Academy Charter School, 275 Westside Avenue, Jersey City, NJ.


Just a gentle reminder, this newsletter is a work in progress.

We will add more community related information in future posts, as we roll in the new year.

Have a good evening and bundle up New York.


Berto – ang kutsero ng New York

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