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Catriona Gray: “It takes a village to make a beauty queen.”

“I’ve really made such an effort every step of the way to remain humble through it all, because with this great success I always remember what I went through to get here, all the people that helped me get here, it was definitely not done by myself. I’m so blessed to be able to really think and consider that next year I could buy a retirement house for my parents, be able to provide for them in that way and really have this platform to do all that work in those projects that I’ve been dreaming about for my charity, so it is such a magical time for me, so many things that I would love to do and now that I have the opportunity to do that, I’m just so excited.”

– Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018 during a media availability hosted by the Philippine Consulate General in New York. Kalayaan Hall Annex, Philippine Center. February 4, 2019. New York City. Kababayan Media photo ©️ 2019.

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